La playlist de Daphney

Daffy’s playlist (9/5/12)

Daffy’s playlist (9/5/12)

I love music. Music is my life. But nooo (!) I’m not a singer and I’ll never be. Actually you guys don’t wanna hear me sing. I have my hearphones on 24/7 and I spend most of my time trying to find song lyrics related to every situation I’m in or everything people say around me. Here are the 5 tracks I played the most this week:

1. Bo m sou 2 bò (Enposib)

Before interviewing Medjy Ayisyen and his group, I listened to some of their songs. At first i was like: okayyy, it’s not that bad. Then next thing you know I got “Bo m’ sou 2 bò” on repeat on my ipod!

2. Girl next door (Gappy Ranks ft Gyptian)

I heard this song for the first time at a party. I recorded a part of it on my phone. As the Dj mixed it with another song it took me a while to find its title. I can’t even say why I like it!

3. Heart Attack (Trey Songz)

I love Trey Songz. He’s one of my favorite singers. Heart Attack is kind of different from what he usually sings but I still love it.

4. Cashin out (Cas$h Out)

I’ve been trying to listen to hardcore hip-hop lately. I think i like what I heard!

5. Wish I never met you

I love sad songs and this is one of my favorites.

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