La playlist de Daphney

Daffy’s playlist (9/29/12)

Looks like someone is in love! hahaha I went way back into time and picked a few slow jams. Of course they’re all about L.O.V.E and it’s been at least 5 years since i haven’t listened to any of them. I really enjoyed going through those old school jams tho and i hope my choices will inspire you. (:p)

Ladies and gentleman here’s what my playlist is made of this week!

1. Don’t leave me girl (Blackstreet)

2. Angel of mine (Monica)

3. I wanna know (Joe)

4. Put that woman first (Jaheim)

5. If i ever fall in love again (Shai)

6. Shape of my heart (Backstreetboys)

7. And I (Ciara)

8. All my life (KC and JoJo)

9. Can’t fight the moon light (Leann Rimes)

10. To love a woman (Enrique Iglesias)

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