What is it that men are looking for?

Many of us single women are the “Strong” types.  We have careers, we like to get dirty but yet can rock a skirt and heels, and we do our best to take care of things on our own.  But why are we like that?  We learned long ago that no one will take care of us better than we can take care of ourselves.

This generally scares men. While they may not be looking for women to show submissive behavior in every aspect of life, they are looking to take care of a woman. It’s in their nature. It’s what makes them Men.  They are our protectors, our strengths.  When we show that we don’t need them for some things, it threatens their masculinity and they take offense.

A lot of times, men can tell on a first date whether or not you are too much woman for them.  Let’s look at some things that may set off the caution flags on the first date.

1. Did you ask him out?  If so, he may be flattered but he will be taken aback.  Most guys have a reason for waiting to ask a woman out.  Either they aren’t really interested, or they are waiting for the right time.  If a guy says yes to a woman asking him out, he is more than likely expecting it to turn into a one nighter.  Remember this.

2. Did you pick the place to meet?  If a woman picks a place to go, or mentions a place, it is highly unlikely that the man will say no to the idea.  Remember, he wants to please. He doesn’t want to disappoint the woman right off the bat.  Instead of picking a place, make it a combined effort. Planning a date can be fun if it’s done right!

3.  Did you tell him you would meet him or did you give him the chance to offer to pick you up?  Though you may decide to meet at a first date location (I suggest this), don’t be pushy.  Give him some input in what is going on.  He may come up with an option you like!

4. Do you race ahead of him to every door so he hasn’t a chance to open it for you? Do you instantly reach for cash or a credit card to help pay for the tab? Believe it or not, men want to do those little things for women on a first date. They want to be polite, and mostly they want to be the man in the situation. Chivalry still exists, let it happen!

5. And now the nitty gritty.  Do you make the first move?  Whether it’s just hand holding,kissing, or beyond, it’s important for the man to make the first move.  Everything that happens on a first date will form the outline for the rest of the story.  If the woman is the aggressor through the whole date, the man will feel he is not needed.

If you’ve ever wondered why he didn’t call back or how you tuned into just a booty call, this is it.  What guys don’t know is the strongest women, whether they outwardly admit it or not, are still little girls on the inside.  They want to be needed, they want to be protected, and they want to be loved.  Oh trust me, they may fight this tooth and nail and hate to admit it, but it’s true!

Hopefully men will one day know that a woman doesn’t need to show submissive behavior in order to show that she wants a Man in her life.

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