La playlist de Daphney

Let’s make it nasty!

There is nothing more exciting than having a man whispering in your ear what he is going to do to you before it happens. Not only does it get your blood boiling, it also can get your mind wondering! A little dirty talk can definitely be good. Here are a few songs that usually help me feed my fantasies.

Grind on me (Pretty Ricky)

Neighbors know my name (Trey Songz)

I’ll make love to you (Boyz II Men)

Trading Places (Usher)

Pony (Ginuwine)

Bed (J. Holliday)

Wet (Snoop Dog)

Love faces (Trey Songz)

Nice & Slow (Usher)

Birthday sex (Jeremih)

La playlist de Daphney

Daffy’s playlist (9/29/12)

Looks like someone is in love! hahaha I went way back into time and picked a few slow jams. Of course they’re all about L.O.V.E and it’s been at least 5 years since i haven’t listened to any of them. I really enjoyed going through those old school jams tho and i hope my choices will inspire you. (:p)

Ladies and gentleman here’s what my playlist is made of this week!

1. Don’t leave me girl (Blackstreet)

2. Angel of mine (Monica)

3. I wanna know (Joe)

4. Put that woman first (Jaheim)

5. If i ever fall in love again (Shai)

6. Shape of my heart (Backstreetboys)

7. And I (Ciara)

8. All my life (KC and JoJo)

9. Can’t fight the moon light (Leann Rimes)

10. To love a woman (Enrique Iglesias)

La playlist de Daphney

Daffy’s playlist (9/5/12)

Daffy’s playlist (9/5/12)

I love music. Music is my life. But nooo (!) I’m not a singer and I’ll never be. Actually you guys don’t wanna hear me sing. I have my hearphones on 24/7 and I spend most of my time trying to find song lyrics related to every situation I’m in or everything people say around me. Here are the 5 tracks I played the most this week:

1. Bo m sou 2 bò (Enposib)

Before interviewing Medjy Ayisyen and his group, I listened to some of their songs. At first i was like: okayyy, it’s not that bad. Then next thing you know I got “Bo m’ sou 2 bò” on repeat on my ipod!

2. Girl next door (Gappy Ranks ft Gyptian)

I heard this song for the first time at a party. I recorded a part of it on my phone. As the Dj mixed it with another song it took me a while to find its title. I can’t even say why I like it!

3. Heart Attack (Trey Songz)

I love Trey Songz. He’s one of my favorite singers. Heart Attack is kind of different from what he usually sings but I still love it.

4. Cashin out (Cas$h Out)

I’ve been trying to listen to hardcore hip-hop lately. I think i like what I heard!

5. Wish I never met you

I love sad songs and this is one of my favorites.