Vive la rentrée !

Pendant longtemps la rentrée a été pour moi synonyme de shopping, nouvelles rencontres etc. Mais maintenant que j’ai terminé avec l’école et en attendant que cette période ne devienne mon pire cauchemar (dépenses à n’en plus finir pour les enfants…) il faut bien que je me fasse une raison. Je me suis donc rabattue sur les séries TV dont je surveille attentivement la reprise depuis un certain temps déjà. Pour un peu, je me mettrais à compter les secondes ! Je liste ci-dessous le top 8 de mes all time favorite tv shows, histoire de faire passer le temps. :))

The Vampires diaries

At first I didn’t like it. It seemed way too scary and devilish. Then I met Damon Salvatore (casted by Ian Somerhalder). I fell in love with him. Et Voilà! The guy has attitude – “hot and cold” type (just how I like them!) – He knows how and when to be sweet, and on top of that he’s smoking HOT. There’s no way I could have resisted lol. Now that Elena is going to be a vampire I just hope that they will finally be together. #teamdelena #teamdamon #teamtvd.


One Tree Hill

The final episode was already out when I started watching the show. It took me like two weeks to watch it all. Brooke was my favorite character. I liked Lucas too. He wasn’t really handsome but he was such a nice person. I wished that they would have stayed together and I hated Peyton for getting between them. But yeah… it was just a TVShow! #TeamBrucas


I watched West wing and Brothers and sisters. I did love them. But Scandal is just UNIQUE! Olivia Pope is an amazing character. I love everything about the show! I’m looking forward to the season premiere. :))


 Desperate housewives

Drama, dramaaaaaaa! I still can’t believe that they killed Mike at the end of the last season. Like really?! As I really loved the first seasons I tried to swallow the end.


I was so bored at the end of the summer that I started watching 90210. At first I was like: How old do you think you are Daphney?! Then the kids grew up and got into college life… and meanwhile… Liam got so damn hot! Haven’t you seen his six packs? OMG!!!! One thing I definitely don’t like about this show is the fact that everybody’s dating everybody. And it’s like Adrianna and Silver just switched boyfriends. At the beginning Dixon was dating Silver while Adrianna was with Navid and next thing you know Navid started cheating on Adrianna with Silver and Adrianna ended up with Dixon. Like reallyyyyyyyyy


Single ladies

I don’t even remember how I discovered this show. I might have seen people tweeting about it. Anyway the thing is I fell in love with Keisha’s attitude since the first episode… I was kinda shocked when they kicked Val out of the show at the end of the 1st season and I didn’t really liked Raquel. But meanwhile I got used to her.



I will never be a singer. (#fact) but I do love music. And Glee is all about music. It makes me discover new songs and artists and helps me appreciate some old ones.


Gossip Girl

The first season was just AWESOME! The second one was good too and I tried to swallow the third one. But now, it’s really time for them to stop! I heard that the 5th season will be their final season I hope it’s true because I really got tired of their unnecessary drama!